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Polymath (pɒ·limæÞˊ), sb. (a.) Also 7 polumathe.  [ad. Gr. Πολυμαθήϛ having learned much, f. Πολυ– much + μαθ-, stem of μανθάνειν to learn.  So. F. polymathe.]  A person of much or varied learning; one acquainted with various subjects of study.  (OED)

This blog will be about many different subjects, including–but not limited to: Art, Art History, Archaeology, Political & Cultural History generally, People whom I consider to be especially interesting or memorable, and also Travel.  In a separate blog, I write about wine seriously.

I write about Art & Art History because my wife and I have MAs in Art History (we’re both ABD), collect art, and are friends with many artists and critics (some well-known and others who may be, someday). In addition, I taught the History of Western Art (AP) for nine years.  We travel widely and globally, and have a special interest in historical and archaeological sites as well as museums and art galleries, in addition to the picturesque and the people of the places that we visit around the world.

I write about History because, well, its another passion of mine and I taught it for several years–Ancient History of Europe and the Mediterranean littoral, Modern European History, American and Latin-American History, and the histories of India, China, and Japan.

Wine is a special interest of mine and I hold a Diploma in Wine from the WSET in London–equivalent to an MS in botany, say, so it’s a sound professional qualification.   I am interested in wine education, in addition to writing about the wine grape and its astonishing and delightful product. Be sure to visit my Wine, Seriously blog.

My approach to most topics — be advised — is rather academic, but I feel that this is an approach that is not widely available on the blognet. I hope that you will find it informative, interesting, and useful, yet entertaining.

So let us pour some fine wine, click our glasses together and repeat the proverbial Spanish toast, “Salud, pesetas, amor, y tiempo para gozarlos.” Then, read on . . .

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